Wednesday, April 26, 2006

40 - Perfect Storm Eric S. Hadik

An extract of an article from Traders World Magazine issue #40

Perfect Storm

By Eric S. Hadik

Carley, Frances, Ivan & Jeanne. Katrina, Ophelia & Rita. 7 Storms in 13 months representing the costliest and/or most intense storms in many categories. Is this a normal cycle, an anamoly or a new model?

In some respects, all of the above.

However, an in-depth understanding of climate cycles - and cycles in general - is necessary to better comprehend this. Since a single article could barely scratch the surface of this entire discussion, I want to focus on one aspect of climate cycles. This should aid in understanding where we are now… and where we are headed. Hopefully, this will also spur the desire for each reader to research these cycles in greater detail.

The first part of this explanation comes courtesy of Raymond Wheeler, a climate researcher and author in the early-to-mid-20th century. He is author of: Climate: The Key to Understanding Business Cycles, a fascinating book on climate (& business) cycles.

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