Wednesday, April 26, 2006

40 - Interview with James Mound

An extract of an article from Traders World Magazine issue #40

Interview with James Mound

By Larry Jacobs

I have been a principal of two commodity brokerages, a trader, a head analyst and a writer. I have written a commodity trading book, "7 Secrets", published through Traders Press. I also write a weekly commodities review read by thousands of commodity enthusiasts each week and published on over 20 websites.

Why have you created this calendar?

Because the industry is so caught up in online this and online that, I think the average trader wants something he can look at and touch that he would be proud to have and at the same time offers some seriously valuable information.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of the calendar is two fold. The wall calendar is a presentation piece, not only because of the beautiful cover art provided by Traders Press, but also because of the rich content that is provided by some of the industries most respected sources. Also, the calendar is a reference guide for the entire year, offering insight into industry events, trading strategies and important industry facts.

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