Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally there is a Solution for Multiple Monitors on a Laptop for Traders

By Larry Jacobs – Editor Traders World Magazine

As you know there are many advantages to using a laptop over a desktop computer for the trader. The primary advantage is portability. The laptop can go with the trader. Trading tools and data can also go with the trader. The one really big disadvantage is the lack of multiple monitors. To be successful at trading, it is necessary to monitor many charts, quotes, chat rooms, etc. Now this has changed. A trader can now have a laptop which connects up to 3 external monitors to give him the screen real-estate to successfully trade. He can disconnect it from the multiple monitors for full portability. So the trader can take his trading from the office to his home or even on vacations. How is this done? This is done with a new external graphics box, called ViDock.

It is the ultimate graphic expansion for laptop computers. It takes advantage of the powerful Express Card expansion slot of modern systems enabling additional displays to connect to the laptop portable computer. It brings uncompromised desktop class speed and quality video to laptop computers for the trader. This has never been possible before.

Now with the ViDock, the trader can have one computer. Not two. The desktop in his office and the laptop to take home is no longer necessary. It is just necessary to have a powerful laptop. This is a big advantage. The laptop connects to multiple monitors at the office and can be disconnected for a convenient mobile system out of the office. It is not necessary to sync data between different systems and keeping both up and running.

The ViDock can output to up to 2 monitors with a resolution of up to 2560x16000 on both screens. There is a port of the back of most laptops that gives the third monitor. So using the ViDock a trader can actually use 4 screens to trade with. Three external monitors along with the laptop screen.

Now with the ViDock the trader has full portability. He is no longer tied to his office for trading. This gives the trader more freedom and therefore should make the trader happy and possibly lead to more success.

The Market is Never Too Low to Sell and Never Too High To Buy

The Market is Never Too Low to Sell and Never Too High to Buy

By Larry Jacobs

Important to remember what W.D. Gann said, which is relevant to this market and in fact every market.

Follow the main trend.

Have you done that?

The main trend in down.

Gann said, you will always make money by following the main trend up or down. Remember that stocks are never too high to buy as long is the trend is up and they are never too low to sell as long as the trend is down. Never sell short just because the stock is high or becasue you think it is too high. Never sell out and take profits just because the price is high. Buy and sell according to definite rules and not on hope, fear or guesswork. Never buy a stock just becasue the stock is low. There is usually a good reason why it is low and it can go lower.

Today in this enviornment how many investors and traders make decisions on hope, fear and guesswork. How many do you know that bought a stock just because it was too low.

Maybe it time that you learned profitable trading rules.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jack Winkleman Soon to Start his New Newsletter and Offer Cruise Trading Seminars

Jack Winkleman Soon to Start his New Newsletter and Offer Cruise Trading Seminars

Mr. Winkleman, studied Gann for many years. In search he discovered a number that is common to all markets with both time and price. Recentley he discovered even more important information of how the markets work. Because of his recent discoveries he postponed his newsletters. Mr. Winkleman will in the near future will introduce his newsletters. They will be short term in nature and will deal with options and the S&P. The cost will be $45 per month. In conjunction with this newsletter he plans to offer a 7-day cruise in November - December 2009 for $3900 that will teach real-time day trading using his methods. For more information say tuned to this newsletter.

Peak Performance Consulting in a Worried Financial Market

Peak Performance Consulting in a Worried Financial Market

By Larry Jacobs

The current economic environment has led to big losses for many invested in the markets. Ari Kiev, M.D. has announced that he has launched Kiev Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in peak performance coaching for hedge funds and institutional investors and traders.

He is regarded has one of the top coaches in the world and has been working with prominent hedge funds for more than 16 years. He is expanding his services to provide the assessment of new portfolio managers, team building and leadership training.

This consulting practice effectively allows him to broaden his reach and offer customized services to an increasing number of fund managers who need help today and are recognizing the importance of a psychological perspective in managing investments.

His counsel encompasses dealing with the stress of drawdowns, the behavioral dimension of risk management, psychological screen of analysts and portfolio managers and creative approaches to building cultures of collaboration.

Keiv, who has lectured worldwide on the psychology of trading is the author of more than 20 books: His recent works are:

His recent works, both published by John Wiley & Sons, are Mastering Trading Stress: Strategies for Maximizing Performance and Hedge Fund Leadership: How to Inspire Peak Performance from Traders and Money Managers. 

His other best-sellers include Trading to Win: The Psychology of Mastering the Markets, Trading in the Zone: Maximizing Performance with Focus and Discipline, The Psychology of Risk: Mastering Market Uncertainty, and Hedge Fund Masters: How Top Hedge Fund Traders Set Goals, Overcome Barriers and Achieve Peak Performance.  His

Web site is