Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally there is a Solution for Multiple Monitors on a Laptop for Traders

By Larry Jacobs – Editor Traders World Magazine

As you know there are many advantages to using a laptop over a desktop computer for the trader. The primary advantage is portability. The laptop can go with the trader. Trading tools and data can also go with the trader. The one really big disadvantage is the lack of multiple monitors. To be successful at trading, it is necessary to monitor many charts, quotes, chat rooms, etc. Now this has changed. A trader can now have a laptop which connects up to 3 external monitors to give him the screen real-estate to successfully trade. He can disconnect it from the multiple monitors for full portability. So the trader can take his trading from the office to his home or even on vacations. How is this done? This is done with a new external graphics box, called ViDock.

It is the ultimate graphic expansion for laptop computers. It takes advantage of the powerful Express Card expansion slot of modern systems enabling additional displays to connect to the laptop portable computer. It brings uncompromised desktop class speed and quality video to laptop computers for the trader. This has never been possible before.

Now with the ViDock, the trader can have one computer. Not two. The desktop in his office and the laptop to take home is no longer necessary. It is just necessary to have a powerful laptop. This is a big advantage. The laptop connects to multiple monitors at the office and can be disconnected for a convenient mobile system out of the office. It is not necessary to sync data between different systems and keeping both up and running.

The ViDock can output to up to 2 monitors with a resolution of up to 2560x16000 on both screens. There is a port of the back of most laptops that gives the third monitor. So using the ViDock a trader can actually use 4 screens to trade with. Three external monitors along with the laptop screen.

Now with the ViDock the trader has full portability. He is no longer tied to his office for trading. This gives the trader more freedom and therefore should make the trader happy and possibly lead to more success.

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