Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Traders World Online Expo #12 is releasing a Kindle Book to go along with the Expo #12.

The Expo starts on November 12th and lasts to December 31, 2012.
Here is the list of the articles by speakers for the Kindle book for the Expo (See below). The book is impressive an is over 200 pages.
Kindle Book 
List of the Article by Speakers in the Expo.
  • Solving the Puzzle: Learning to Trade a Systematic Approach by Sunny J. Harris
  • Mercury Cycles in Trading the S&P by Tim Bost
  • Overcoming Fear in Trading by Adrienne Toghraie
  • Don't Take the Trade Until You Know What the Shot Is! aka What is Your Trade Premise? By John Matteson
  • Trading Dynamic Cycles by Lars von Thiene
  • The Ultimate Oscillator: A Universal Rule of Market Behavior by Dr. Enrico Malverti
  • Market Replay - Trading Techniques Tune-up by Wesley Sinks
  • Using Trend and Momentum Determination To Put the Odds in YOUR Favor by Steve Wheeler 
  • Take the Money and Run by Jack Winkleman
  • Developing the Mind for Trading The Five Essential Skills for Peak Performance Trading by Rande Howell 
  • 5 Consistently Profitable Trade Setups by Hawk Arps 
  • High Power Trading with Geometry by Ron Jaenisch 
  • Using Charts to Measure Supply and Demand by L.A. Little 
  • "Hypothetically Speaking" by Kevin J. Davey 
  • Know When to Hold'em, Know When to Fold'em! By Joe Krutsinger 
  • Trading with TurnSignal-Better Entries and Better Exits by Jim Shane 
  • A Unique Approach to Forecasting Market Reversal Points by Ivan Sargent 
  • Reviewing Performance Information in NinjaTrader by Raymond Stein 
  • Murrey Math Trading by T.H. Murrey
  • 3 Keys to be a Systematic Trader by Dimitri Feria
  • Trading Price Cycles & Break Outs Using Weekly Options & Futures by Larry Gaines
  • The Art of Bunt Trading by Tony Peterson & Lisa Encisco
  • Elliott Wave Price-Forecasts & Cycle Projections by Peter Goodburn
  • The Fatal Flaw of Trading (and How to Avoid It) by Scott Andrews
  • Trading is a challenge to your intelligence by Peter Vostinar
  • Position Sizing, how and when? By Andrea Unger
  • Lift-Off Trading System by Shay Campbell 
  • Simple Ways to Reduce Risk and Increase Profits Using Volume by Gail Mercer
  • Samir's Automated Trading Methodology by Samir Joshi
  • NeverLossTrading: Trade What You See ! by Thomas Barmann
  • When Trading for a Living by JAM and the Strategic DayTrading Team
  • Samir's Presendential Election Cycle Study by Samir Joshi Samir 

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