Monday, October 02, 2006

Traders Virtual Online Conference

Subscribers of Traders World Magazine.

I need your help and opinion on this.

Over that last year we have been asked by several subscribers and partners to host a Virtual Traders Conference Webinar on the topic of successful trading of the markets with technical analysis.

I have finally decided to hold one in November-December time period, but now I have a problem... I can't decide which speakers and topics to focus on because their is so much to discuss.

So, instead of just guessing, I decided to write to our subscribers for help in picking the speakers and topics that we will talk about during this conference.

Could you please reply with at least two topics you would like to have talked about and the speakers you want to hear. Also would you like demonstrations of any trading technique or software programs. What platform do you want them on, such as eSignal, TradeStation, etc.

If you help me to formulate the agenda and topics covered, I promise to send you a no charge pass to the virtual trading conference once I get it nailed down.

Please reply at or use this form.

Thanks for any help you can provide...

Larry Jacobs - Editor
Traders World Magazine
2508 W. Grayrock St.
Springfield, MO 65810

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